What is a website template?

Website templates are used by web designers to enable them to have a starting point for your website, this interns saves in development and design costs. As we use the WordPress engine for all our sites there are hundreds of free and paid templates for you to choose from. although this enables you to have a wider choice we are unable to support or guarantee  the functionality of site or the ease of use. 

Does Barnes-Lewis produce their own template?

At Barnes-Lewis Consultants we have designed our own template which we maintain and update. This means we can offer advice and support on any issues or site changes you may require. Using our template we can customise your site to your requirements, update when needed and add additional functions via third party plugins. We strongly suggest you use our template to start with and if in the future you want to go it alone then you can download different template from the WordPress library. 

I would like a site designed for me.

Barnes-Lewis Consultants will design your website to your specific requirements and once done you can simply change the text and images as required. With all new templates there will be a learning period, but we will always be on hand to help.

How easy it it to update your template.

When your site is complete updating text or adding images should be straight forward and we guide you through the process if required. We offer a free support service and if you would rather we update your site this can be done via our monthly plan or on a ad-hoc basis.

We have always offered a managed service for our clients which means we will take care of all your site updates if required and if you require additional email address then just call and we will set them up a no extra charge.

What do I need to get up and running?

Having decided that you want a website you will need a domain name or website name for example “barnes-lewis.com”. This is purchased and renewed  annually or for a longer periods if required, but we recommend doing this on a yearly basis. You will need a place to store your new website known as hosting. Email addresses so your customers can contact you. 

All our hosting space is supplied via names.co.uk or if you are already using a hosting company, as long as they support WordPress we can build your required website using there hosting services

Can I send and receive email with my website name?

All email from your domain can be received but you may need what is known as an SMTP service to be able to send using your website prefix I.E @yourdomainnamw.co.uk. This can be purchased separately and is renewed annually  

Check with your internet supplier to see if they supply SMTP service and will allow other domain prefixes.